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About Me
Me, Mira and Manuraj somewhere in Vashi

The name is Navin Harish and currently I am living in Bombay, India. Currently because I am itching to go back to Delhi where I come from originally.

I became interested in photography not too long ago. A diehard advocate for film photography, I converted to digital earlier this year. Why? Well because of the ease and the fact that my digital camera can make videos as well. Most of the photos in this site came straight out of a digital camera while there are still occasional ones that were taken using my SLR—Pentax ESII, a camera that probably is as old as I am.

I started this photo blog when I realised that there is no way more effective and easier than a photo blog to share my photos. I did put up a lot of my pictures on my other site but realised it is not the best solution. By the way the other blog was started in Sep 2003 and is called Mental Floss. It has my ideas and opinions about graphic design in particular and everything in general.

By profession I am a communication designer and my folio site (yes, one more site) at navinharish.com