Problems with Samsung Galaxy 3

Samsung Galaxy 3 - An android based smart phone and problems I faced with it

Dear Mr. Ranjit Yadav,
I am a user of Galaxy 3 and am facing problems with the phone and problems in getting them resolved. Please read on to understand what I am going through.

This phone was bought on the 10th of January 2011 from Spice Hotspot, District Center, Janak Puri, New Delhi

The phone has been giving me problem ever since I bought it. The problem is with the signal which is lost suddenly which results in call drops very frequently. Typically the phone will lose the signal and will be inoperable for duration of 2-5 minutes in which it can neither make nor receive calls. As a result, a typical 5 minute conversation takes about 4-5 attempts and duration of about 20 minutes in constant redialing.

The effect of this problem can vary plain frustrating when I am speaking to family or friends to highly embarrassing when I am speaking to senior colleagues and clients. Since this is the only phone I have, this has resulted in me staying in the office as late as 10 in the night just so I could take an important call from the office landline.

When the phone loses the signal, the bars indicating the signal suddenly grey out in most cases and are replaced by a blue circle with a diagonal bar in it some cases. In the About phone menu, the loss of the signal can also be seen in the about phone menu in the signal readings which go all the way down to 0.

I don't remember the first visit to the service centre but at that time the software of the phone was updated and I was informed that it will solve the problem. It did but only for a few days and after that I started facing the same problems.

I have also eliminated the possibility of a problem with my sim card of my carrier by switching phones. While I get uninterrupted signal when I use another handset, the SIM from at least 3 different service providers faced the same problem I faced.

On my second visit to the service station, I had to give my phone as the remedy suggested by the service centre staff was a replacement of the mother board. I was supposed to get a call from them when the phone was fixed but I never heard from them. I went there a week later to check and they gave me back the phone but with a new problem.

This time around the keys of the phone were not working. They took the phone again and promised to deliver it on Monday. I checked on Monday but the phone was not fixed. I went to the service station on the next Saturday after a business trip. This time around the chrome of the phone was heavily scratched. I was assured that it was not the case since the phones are kept in a individual plastic bags. There is a possibility of the casing being switched with another phone that had some for a repair of maybe it could be because of the poor handling (which sees less likely).

I was supposed to get a phone when they had fixed the problem but I have not heard from them till now.

I can see you are very proud of your phones and hope you will help me.

I'd like to add that I am a user of Samsung phone since 2006 when I bought this flip phone. Today I have a Galaxy and my wife uses a Corby. In all, I have bought five Samsung phones, I expect a better service than I am getting right now. I am sure that with your intervention, the problem will be resolved satisfactorily and quickly.

Should you or your staff wish to speak to me, I can be reached at 99999 66 103.

Navin Harish
99999 66 103
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P.S. I have no intention of maligning anyone's reputation and this page is created specially for you and the link for the same is also shared with you and is not shared with anyone. Once you have read it, I will take it off.