Managing expectations of other wives, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2010
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Managing expectations of other wives

"Jao main tuse baat nahin karti"

"Are kya hua jaan-e-man?"

"Mumtaz ke liye to 3crore ka makbara banwa diya aur mere liye kya?"

"Are bhagyawaan tu mar to sahi, tere liye bhi banwa doonga."

Shah Jahan married thrice, however what is known about his married life is that he was very close to Mumtaz Mahal and the second two were nothing more than a formality. Now this could be true or this is what the people who wrote history wanted us to believe. I personally believe this is true because managing a reationship which is more than just a formality with your two wives is one hell of a challenge when you have made a grave worth Rs32 million for the third one.