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Corona's bubbly neck

The taste of the beer was not bad as yesterday's post my suggest and to be fair, it tasted good even if it was skunked. Unfortunately for me, I found out what the light does to the beer only after it had been exposed to light for a considerable time. I read it after I had this bottle lying in my kitchen for a few days and they in my living room while I took pictures of it. I spent 125 bucks on this bottle, a price in which I could get three bottles of Carlsberg or Budweiser only to realise that the taste I got may have been optimal. I guess the next time I buy a Corona, I will keep it in a dark place and to be double sure I will consume it in the night. Well I guess I can do all this but still can't be sure that this has not been exposed to sunlight from its way from a Mexican brewery to the wineshop in Bombay.

As you must have guessed by now, I have spent more time taking pictures of this bottle than drinking from it, you can expect more of these in the next few days.