Picturejockey in Goa

Goa Trip, January 2009

Beaches... ...Beer... ...and just chilling Berry and Budweiser Baga Beach Clean water and clean sand Care for a ride on an inflatable raft? Baga Beach Watersports at Baga Beach Parasailing For people with fear of flying This jetski needs to go go the loo Jet ski or a personal watercraft St. Lawrence Sands on my hand Building castles by the sea We are not responsible for any accidents I'm not drunk and I am not seeing two The boy who can find water The beach is my canvas Duel at the Beach Calangute Beach Off season or on season? Calangute Beach Is this a prop from Baywatch? And this is our local David Hasselhoff Flying into the sunset Four feet Parasailing at Calangute Beach - 2 Parasailing at Calangute Beach - 3 Flying into the sunset Parasailing at Calangute Beach Sunset at Calangute Beach Sunset at Calangute Beach This is where St. Francis Xavier rests Bom Jesus Church, Goa IESUS NAZARENUS REX IUDAEORUM Passagei The left... ...the right... ..and the whole A Cross at Bom Jesus Church Spiderman? You may have the cross but I have the garland Bathed in light It is written in the book, right here Bom Jesus Church, Goa Murals in Bom Jesus Church Bom Jesus Church, Goa The case of missing shield No Parking This gets a lot of sun Of course there is a treatment for male pattern baldness Tree and sky Just got a haircut This one pissed off the barber Did you hear about Billu Barber? Pink Flowers Pink Flowers Steel Mama Enough of churches, I want to go to a beach now Me and my tiny bag Me, my better half and our quarter Berry, Nancy and Shyla No, I don't have to go to work Se Cathedral, Goa Se Cathedral, Goa Se Cathedral, Goa Se Cathedral Main Altar Se Cathedral, Goa Shall we check what is inside? Miramar Beach Set your sails One hell of a view indeed Let the whole world know that I love you Ginger Hotel, Goa The no nonsense hotel Hide and seek Papa look, a christmas tree The Christmas has come very early this year Am ready to move The grass is greener White flowers Room with a view

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This Image Gallery has images taken during our visit to Goa from 22nd January to 25th January 2009