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City Mirror Project :: Milk

A picture of a carton of milk would have looked better but I wanted to post something that is more common in the country. In India milk is distributed directly by dairies that could be as small as one guy who has two three cows or buffalos to large-scale dairies. The other is through cooperatives (like Amul whose pack is shown here) and other big companies. The plastic bags are the most common way to distribute milk in India.

After the 26th July rains in Mumbai, plastic bags were held as culprits for the clogging of sewage and the government decided to ban plastic bags. Plastic or glass bottles were suggested as alternatives for milk but the companies were against it as this would have increased the cost of milk. This made me wonder why can't milk be sold in plastic bottles when we can sell Pepsi and Coke in them. A second later I got my answer. Pepsi and Coke have water, carbon-dioxide, sugar and a flavor and is sold at 18 bucks for half liter and Milk, which costs a lot more to the seller is sold at 8 bucks for half liter onwards.

Milk = Rs.16/litre
Packaged water = Rs. 12/litre
Coke/Pepsi = Rs. 40/litre

When you look at it like this you fell like an idiot for paying an obscene amount of money for coloured, sweet water.

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