Please bear with us for a better tommorow
Mumbai Monsoon :: Please bear with us for a better tommorow

I was wondering if the relatives of people who died could sue the BEST. After all the people died because a wall of the BEST bus depot collapsed. Then one thinks about the ruling of Supreme Court of India that said that squatters have no right. No matter what the supreme court says, the squatters seem to have more rights than us. I work hard all day and pay a big amount as rent of my house and I don't have a home that I own. I pay taxes to the government, taxes that will be used by the government to rehabilitate squatters. In other words I, along with a lot of people like me, are buying homes for people who have no rights and we ourselves are living in rented houses. I guess a socialist society would be better than this.

I guess we should also sit on dharnas and demand that we are given homes in return of the taxes we pay. Can someone rope in Medha Patkar and oh! don't forget Aamir Khan, we can do with some star power here.

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