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Mumbai Monsoon :: Home of God

This is a play_02 near my home. It is located in Durga Nagar, a place that has mostly unauthorized homes and shops. This play_02 is right next to the road that is being widened now (well actually for the past two years) and on of the great thing here is a tree that you can see here. The whole place has been dug up except for the area taken by the roots of that tree. When you see it, it looks as if the tree has been planted on a long platform. In spite of that the tree survived and it gives me hope. Hope that the government of Bombay is still trying to preserve it's green cover that otherwise I see being removed without any thought or remorse.

One of the most important festival in Maharashtra is the Ganesh Chaturthi and on the final day of that festival, a lot of people take idols of Ganesha for immersion. The idol of this play_02 is quite nice and so is the procession. I don't have the picture of this particular Ganpati but do have some more that you can check: Bade miyan chote miyan, Ganpati, pudchya varshi lavkarya

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