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An SMS sent by Gurdas Kamat of Congress asking for votes , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Singh is King? Or is Sonia Gandhi the real queen

5th April 2009

Manmohan Singh may have been the most educated, intelligent and the smartest prime minister we ever had and may be the least powerful as well. No one credits him for any of his accomplishments and he is never seen as the real leader. The real leader in Sonai Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi will step aside when Rahul Gandhi is ready to stake his claim on the primeministership and till then we will have "temp" prime ministers like Manmohan Singh, something like Anil Kumble as the test captain till M S Dhoni was ready for it.

The most recent example fo this is the SMS I got. Please not it is "Sonia Gandhi" who has selected Gurdas Kamat not "Manmohan Singh", not the "party leadership".

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