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A red tennis ball, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Spin this

8th May 2009

A man offered a beer to Shane Warne who was standing at the boundary and he took a sip. The news channels have been showing the clip over and over again. They are also digging up all the things Warne has done wrong in the past, the doping in the 2003 World Cup, the text messages to various women, and smoking, everything he has done.

I didn't like Shane Warne initially but I started liking him gradually. He has become one of my favorite players after he won the IPL last year. As much as I like him for his leadership and cricketing skills, I like him for his attitude. He doesn't give a dead rat's arse to what others think and does what he wants to do. I remember he commented after his retirement that he would still like to go out and play but just can't be bothered about all the team meetings and all other stuff the coaches make you do.

Thinking about Warne's comment, what do you think is important practice the three things required in the sport - batting, bowling and fielding or doing all other sort of things like obstacles courses and what not?

With Shane Warne's attitude what do you think would be his reply if someone from the media or team management confronts him?

  1. I'm really sorry. Won't happen again.
  2. Go fuck yourself...or a sheep.

Honestly why anyone should be bothered by his taking a sip of beer.

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