Fittingly Expensive, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Fittingly Expensive

17th January 2011

We are like peacocks. We like to show off our colourful feathers, which in our case can be anything that others don't have, a bigger house, a trophy wife, a shinier phone or a car. In the aspiration to buy something which other won't have, things like performance and practicality are often ignored and the smart marketers know it all too well, that is why the difference between the performances of the cars doesn't often scale with the cost and the best example of this is Volkswagen Beetle. Volkswagen Beetle was succeeded by the Golf. Now the New Beetle is based on Golf and Polo and yet it costs as much as four times the cost of Polo in India. Beetle is an iconic car and the statement it makes is as profound as it gets. Maybe that is why you would be willing to pay Rs20 Lacks for it?


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