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To open a beer bottle , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

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31st October 2012

To open a beer bottle

The concept of twist-to-open caps for beer is very old in a lot of countries, however in India we have bottle caps that require a bottle opener. This is a major inconvinience for kids who don't want the parents to know that they are drinking beer. The pubs and bars are usually beyond reach so as a part of growing up in India, you are drinking beer at places where you usually don't have access to a bottle opener. As a result we have invented all sorts of bottle openers that range from your teeth to your "kada" to the lock of your car door.

Tuborg is the first beer bottle in India that can be opened without any opener; just pull the tab and its open. It is too late for me, I guess teenagers of today will be thankful for it... or does it just kill all the fun by making it so easy?