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Censor or wisdom to choose, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

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Here is a collection of some of the images I took during the diwali holidays. Apart from kids playing, it has some shots of the DIwali lights as well. Do check them out.

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28th November 2012

Censor or wisdom to choose

There were comments on this blog as well as Facebook that kids should not be playing with guns. I have played with guns and so has all the generations after me, including my younger cousing and nephews without having any obsession about them. This made me think about the whole issue of what kind of things should our kids be exposed to and what kind of things should be censored. While I am not in favor of exposing kids to a lot of things but I am also against a complete censor of anything that may have a bad influence.

Should we censor all sort of exposure to guns for our kids or should we spend time in instilling virtues like non-violence, patience and tolerance? Should we repeat every time someone smokes on screen that smoking is injurious to health or should we teach our kids the harmful effects of tobacco and ensure they are not negatively influenced by so called "role models"?

What is a better solution in the long term? Protecting kids by censoring things like tobacco, alcohol, guns, violence and then hoping they will not be exposed to them even when they grow up and are no longer living in an environment controlled by us or educating them and giving them good values, knowledge and wisdom to ensure they are able to choose wisely between good and bad?

On that not, here is another image of Manu playing with a gun. More here.