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May peace be upon you, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

21st November 2012

May peace be upon you

The 90s memories I have of this place are in complete contrast of what it is now. Back then, this entire place was deserted stretch of land at the banks of Yamuna. There was nothing on the right and this used to be a dumping ground. The dumping ground has been converted to Indrprastha or Millennium park and the stretch of land across the road now serves as a bus depot for Delhi Transport Corporation, it was supposed to be a temporary arrangement during Commonwealth Games of 2010 but has become permanent now.

We have been slowly but steadily taking up the banks of Yamuna river and I guess pretty the river will just be a memory. I guess the Delhites will not miss the river either. After all we have converted it to an open drain. Only 2% of the river passes through Delhi and 70% of its pollution is added here only. Something to be proud of?


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