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RIP Damini, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

31st December 2012

RIP Damini

Most of us have never known you Damini but what happened to you has united us against a rotten, corrupt and self-indulgent system. A system that couldn't provide safety to its daughters - something taken for granted in most civilized societies. A system that won't allow people to mourn the unfortunate death of its sister. A system that even now is reluctant to stand up and take responsibility and to take corrective measures. And because of this all, a system that can't stand up to the death of a girl and needs to cremate it in complete secrecy.

The system is impotent; I wish to see reforms that will castrate such offenders as well.

May you Rest in Peace Damini... and I hope the citizens of India never rest till every girl feels safe walking in a lonely street alone at night.