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Hershey's kisses and sampler , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

14th December 2012

Hershey's kisses and sampler

The first memory I have of Hershey's chocolates is the Hershey's kisses and the sampler. I first saw these chocolates in Australia and I still remember the ad of Hershey's sampler box. Hershey's remained a part of overseas trips in Tata Interactive as everyone returning from abroad would bring chocolates - most of time Hershey's. These onese are also from a US trip, when Thakran aunty went to visit her daughters.

The last 2 weeks had been quite hectic socially. Three weddings, three anniversaries, one birthday and one death, which is what reduced the frequency of posts this month. Things don't seem to improve in the coming days either with Manu's school closing for winters and power down in my office, I may end up spending less time in front of a computer till next year.