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Have a Happy anti valentine Day, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009

15th February 2012

Have a Happy anti valentine Day

The Valentine's Day refuses to go away from this blog. While people are divided on what this day stands for and its effect on our culture, one thing no one can argue about is the boost it provides to the economy. I have just mentioned the increase in the sale of condoms, other obvious things that benefit from the Valentine's Day are gifts like chocolates, hotel that do brisk business at this time of the year, the detectives that are hired by parents to keep an eye on their kids... it's like dominos, one thing effects the second, the second affects the third and before you know the entire economy is benefiting from it directly or indirectly. You can't forget about the people who protest against this day, they also get an opportunity to get their 15 second of fame.