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Shaken, then shaken again... and again, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009

11th April 2012

Shaken, then shaken again... and again

The trip to Bangalore has been quite an experience. The flight was delayed because of storm in Delhi and when we finally took off, there was so much turbulence that it felt like white water rafting. I heard more than a few screams as well. I myself was shit scared. Today while I was sitting in the office, I felt the ground shaking and since we were on the ground floor, what we felt was mild. It was confirmed that there was an earthquake and everyone was moved out of the building. Later I realsied about the 8.9 earthquake in Indonesia. The aftershocks of the earthquake were a good enough reason to close the office. I seriously hope there is no more adventure in this trip.


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