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Empty Corona Bottle, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009

23rd April 2012

Empty Corona Bottle

I believe this is going to be the last shot of Corona Beer I am posting from this shoot.

We live in a world where we look for the rating given to a new release before deciding if that movie is great or bad. I am sure you must have felt at one point or the other in your life that something is completely awful but everyone around you seems to be crazy about it and out of the fear of being called an idiot or an elitist you quietly agree to how good that thing is. I was reading a review of Corona Beer which seems to be written by someone who is appalled at how something as shitty as Corona managed to get the status it has today, and instead of agreeing with everyone else about how Corona beer is, he is very vocal about his opinion. Go ahead, have a read.

Disclaimer - I am not a Beer expert and the statement “someting as shitty as Corona...” reflects the feelings of the person who wrote the review.


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