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Momentary lapse of reason, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009

16th April 2012

Momentary lapse of reason

There are times and there are things for which you are willing to play more than they are worth. May be what they are worth is a wrong statement, what they cost to make is right. There are things for which you are willing to pay substantially more than the cost of production. So while a Ferrari may be worth every single rupee of the Rs2 Crore you paid for it, the margin Ferrari has is phenomenal.

We all see ourselves as rational buyers but we are hardly that. What we manage to do at best is try to be rational “most of the time”. This means that there can be a few things we like to buy but we don't because we have programmed our mind to see that they are not worth the price we have to pay. So while we are able to resist such things most of the times, there are moments of weakness when we drop our guard that small opportunity is what those things need to strike.

One such blow was dealt to me by Lamy. While I rationalized that the Lamy is overpriced and bought “full metal body” a Parker instead of that “molded plastic” Lamy and lived with that decision for more than an year, one moment of weakness at Delhi Airport saw me buying this Lamy.


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