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Customer is an idiot, what does he know?, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009

28th April 2012

Customer is an idiot, what does he know?

This is want I heard in a chain of restaurant but I won’t way which one. The bottom line is that a very good way to make us spend our money is to instill fear, this is how the pharma companies sell vaccination which are completely unnecessary. By making us afraid of germs and diseases caused by them, soap manufactures are making us buy their soap. There is a soap that kills 99% germs, there is a soap that kills 10 times more germs than an average soap and then there is this statement on Wikipediatriclocarban and triclosan are antibacterial agents with very similar molecularity and by themselves they kill 99.99% of bacteria and microbes (like fungus spores) on contact.

Keeping this in mind, what is the IQ required to include either of these in your soap. And can you please tell me what "other" sopas are using that can only 10% of the germs your soap can kill.


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