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Coke or Pepsi? , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

23rd May 2012

Coke or Pepsi?

People have preference of carbonated drinks as well. People don't ask for cola, they ask for Pepsi or coke or Thums Up. When you market a whiskey with Cola, what cola do you have? Would a person who asks the bartender for "Jim Beam with Coke" buy a can of Jim Beam with a generic cola?

I am sure someone must have already thought about it but it seems that the canned whiskey with Cola can be a big potential for Cola companies if they can plant this thought in the mind of drinkers. By running ad campaigns like "Kya aapki Whisky mein Pepsi hai" or "This ain't Jim Beam 'cause this doesn't have Coke" the cola companies can create market presuure on Booze comapnies to by their particular barnd of cola. Imagine what it would be like.

“Can I have a Johnnie Walker with cola.”
“Sure sir, Coke of Pepsi.”
“Hmmm, actually do you have it with 7Up”

But then again, in country where the liquor companies have to use surrogate advertising, running a campaign like this is a big headache, probably not worth the little extra revenue.


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