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Is this genuine? , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

14th May 2012

Is this genuine?

JanSport and Diesel are the two most faked brands when it comes to bags. There are canvas bags available in Bombay and most of them have either of these two names. This has gone to a stage where Diesel has sort of become a secondary brand. A lot of People buying those bags don't even know about the actual brand called Diesel. A few years ago I was looking for a bag and saw a nice JanSport bag. I liked it but I didn't buy it because I know it is a JanSport bag and I have paid a small fortune for that but when I travel with that in a Mumbai local, 99 out 100 people will think I bought this from Andheri station. "Acha hai re! Andheri station se liya kya?"

There goes another claim that "brands don't really matter to me" They may not in the traditional sense but in some way or the other they do.


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