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For a special occasion , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

11th May 2012

For a special occasion

How often did you wash and iron your jeans as a teenager. Not very frequently I'd say. It was an event that would elevate the status of jeans from something I'd wear to college to something that I'd save up for a special day. "Look at it, these jeans so looks so clean and crisp and fresh after the wash. I can't wear it just like that, let me save t up for something special"

Now it's like this "Its Friday, I'll wear jeans to work, let me see if the jeans I wore last Friday clean enough. Nope. Let's take out a fresh one from the cupboard."

Clothes were a commodity as they are now but not as much a commodity as they are now. If there is a scale on which you can measure it, the clothes at the time of teenage fared better than the clothes of today.


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