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Why do it if you don’t crave power, Sachin? , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

16th June 2012

Why do it if you don’t crave power, Sachin?

Sachin has had a fairly ordinary run as a captain and he was well aware of this when he was once again asked to captain the team when most other seniors either retired or stopped being a permanent part of the team. He chose wisely not be the captain of the cricket team back then. It clearly shows he doesn't have any craving for power and he was comfortable playing under a much junior player as a captain. With that kind of an attitude it is difficult for me to understand why he choose to accept to be a member of the parliament? I mean why would a person like Sachin who has avoided any kind of controversy or scandal in his 23 years career chose to be among people who are filthier than a pig coming out of sewage. And that too while he is still playing cricket for India. My personal opinion is that he should have stayed away from politics.

However if he has accepted nomination to Rajya Sabha as an MP, I hope he has not accepted it half-heartedly just because he couldn't say no.