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Credit where credit is due , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

16th July 2012

Credit where credit is due

The comments to the previous post suggest that there may be a gap in what I was trying to communicate and what the final message was delivered. Manuraj is not comfortable taking credit for something he has not done so for once and for all, I should make it clear what was Manu's contribution to these projects and what is mime.

So when we started thinking about this project, he suggested a few homes we could make, I finally decided to make some he suggested and some other that I thought we could make. This apartment building was made using a box of VAT 69 bottle. I came up with the idea on how it can be done and pasted a white paper on the box. Manu painted it yellow and then we both drew these circles and squares for windows. Manu kept suggesting me what can be seen inside the windows and I kept drawing it and finally he coloured it.