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Hero time!!! , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

1st August 2012

Hero time!!!

Ben10 is one of the few super heroes, if not the only one, whose identity is known to the whole world. Last night I watched an episode where a kid revealed his identity, before that he was living sort of an anonymous life style.

The problem with TV today is that you can't make out the sequence of a show. As a kid I have watched so many shows where I have to watch a particular show at a particular time and if I have missed that "one" chance, I have missed it for good. There was no way I could watch that episode again. There was no video available of those shows and there was no YouTube where I could watch it. Now the same show is repeated multiple times, this is the way of channels to stretch 13 episodes in 1300 slots. While it is good that I get a chance to watch something I have missed, it is almost impossible for me to figure out the sequence of the show.

Or maybe it's because I belong to an older generation and the kids growing up with this kind of TV schedule don't have any problem in staying on top of it. What do you think?