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Before they tied the knot , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

9th August 2012

Before they tied the knot

The shoelace still in the wrapper, before they tied the knot. Thanks Peter for the title idea

I went to the store and asked for shoelace and the salesman gave these to me free of cost. The shoelaces were not displayed anywhere and the salesman had to dig through some boxes to get it but he did manage to fetch them for me. Can you remember the last time you had to change your shoe lace or had to stitch the button on your shirt? These things were quite common when I was a kid but now shoelaces seem to last the life time of the shoes (except for odd cases like this one) and the buttons of the shirts rarely come off. Is it better quality or being grown up?

Before you make your mind, think about old Hindi movies. I remember seeing it only too often that the shirt button comes off and then the wife stitching it back on. The same incident of a broken button was used to convey so many meanings. Sometimes to show the awkward silences between couples who had a fight, sometimes the couple getting closer, sometimes the impatience of the guy and in odd cases where the button is missing and so is the missus and the man daydreming about his dead/estranged wife "ab yeh button kaun lageyga".