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Horse shoe - for luck , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

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9th September 2012

Horse shoe - for luck

Some people put a horse shoe on their on their doors for luck. These are also for luck but a little different. You know, not everyone who comes to Fatehpur Sikri is looking for a child. There are people with other aspirations as well. Like the owners and jockeys of race horses who come and put the horse shoe on this door for better luck.

Going to these shrines has become more than a way of seeking blessings. This has become a promotional tool - one used quite effectively by the Bollywood. You keep hearing of producers and actors going to these places for seeking blessings for the success of their movies. The whole thing is then reported by the media the very same day generating the extra buzz around the movie, exactly as desired by the producers and the actors.

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