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Shameful. Very shameful indeed, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

14th January 2013

Shameful. Very shameful indeed

Hina Rabbani Khar said that she can't respond to everything said in India. Actually she is mistaken, the Indian public is not trying to elicit a response from here anyway. We are seeking answers from our own government. We are seeking answers because no matter what angle we try to see this problem from, it leaves a lot to be desired and questions to be answered.

The spontaneous reaction, the very first one that comes to mind is the childhood lesson that almost every boy learns. If you ever get in a fight, you sort it out there and then only. If someone hits you, you hit him back and get even. You can't comeback home and then go the next day and beat that kid, that would be a second fight, and not the continuation to the first one because things have changed in the meantime with other people like parents and teachers getting involved in it. So what is difficult to understand is why the Indian soldiers didn't respond there and then. Being soldiers, I would have assumed them to be naturally aggressive and they must have curbed their natural instincts to not seek revenge. Who stopped them? The protocol decided by the government on how to respond in such situations?

There is also a theory that this is not an isolated case and incidents like this keep happening all the time. This one is highlighted and kept alive in media to divert the attention of people from other issues. Issues that have been destabilizing the governments like the Delhi rape case. This is a standard operating procerure for the government, whenever the heat becomes too much to bear, find something else that will divert the attention and focus from the current problem. If this is true, it is very shameful that the government is using the death of two soldiers for its political gains.

Tell me, what do you thing, am I just being a conspiracy theorist or is there some truth in what I am saying?