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Every dog has his day... today is not Kipper's, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

18th January 2013

Every dog has his day... today is not Kipper's

When I was a kid, almost every record sold in India had a picture of Kipper - the brand ambassador for HMV and I just heard that HMV is filing for bankruptcy. The company has a different business model in other places in the world but in India it was one of the 2-3 music labels and while a record can be released by a different label in US or UK, in India it was released by HMV.

Holes left dug up due to face lift operation of Connaught Place provide a cozy to sleep place for dogs in winters.

Another thing I have noticed is stray dogs wearing sweaters. I want to know who does that and do you thing if it is a good idea. Sure it helps them keep warm but imagine a dog getting his sweater wet on a rainy day like today, he is not a pet who is monitored 24X7. The sweater may end up kiling him of cold.