1st December 2013

RIP Paul Walker

I came to know about the death of Paul Walker from the status update of a friend of mine. After reading it, I searched the net to see if this is a hoax or some other stupid thing but to my dismay, it was indeed true and the man is dead. My mind's reaction to his death has been quite slow and has not set in completely as yet. It's not the deaths of someone old for whom I could say "So sad, but he had a fulfilling career". It was not that kind of death where you are instantly filled with grief or shock. Instead my mind started playing the scenes of Fast and Furious in my head. Paul Walker driving, Paul Walker talking to Vin Diesel, Paul Walker busting a rival driver and planting dope to get him arrested. Paul Walker having a beer with Vin Diesel after he saved his ass.

Honestly speaking, I was feeling that the later parts Fast and Furious had not been as good as the initial ones but to know that he is not going to be around to be part of any more sequel is very sad.

This one is for you Paul an empty bottle of your favourite beer. The Fast and Furious franchise is just as empty with you gone. RIP.


Paul Walker, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2013