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Lamp at Dilli Haat, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

24th February 2013

Lamp at Dilli Haat

I like going to DIlli Haat and so does Mira, however going there is getting more and more challenging every time I go there. In my last three visits, I have managed to gain entry only once. The first was on 26th Jan when it was closed, god knows why, the second time we got there when the Comic Con was on and it was so damn crowded, and we didn't dare to enter the parking. This time around, one road that has the maximum parking space was closed and the people had jammed the road that leads to the main parking. We thought this time too we wouldn't be able to get inside but fortunately we found a parking spot. Still I feel going to Dilli Haat should always have a plan B, in case we are not able to get inside.