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Scotch with a History, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

10th February 2013

Scotch with a History

The whole of last week was quite hectic and physically and emotionally draining due to my father's illness. Today I came back home and decide to spend some time taking pictures - that is how I usually take my mind off things I want to forget for a while and relax. I was ably helped by scotch in that - well, not really the way it sounds, but by being a great subject for an afternoon. I got this empty bottle of Old Smuggler Scotch Whisky and I am happy with some of the images I got.

While I was looking at some of my booze images while being used by other, I realized, to be modest, that they are not bad. So I have decided to demystify those images by explaining how those images were taken. Watch out for it.

Stunning product photography on a budget

Here is an article I wrote on how to take images like this using an ultra cheap setup in your living room.

Whisky Bottles

Here are some more shots of Whiskey Bottles.