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Set for Himmatwala?, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

21st February 2013

Set for Himmatwala?

Looks like something straight out of a set for Tohfa, Himmatwal or one of many other Jeetendra Sridevi movei, doesn't it?

These are indigenous refrigerators - the earthen pot that were used in almost every house before the refrigerators became popular in India. Water is cooled due to evaporation through tiny pores. I remember using these in my home when I was a child and a lot of people still use these even now. I am thinking of buying one in the next summer, it is much better than a fridge. Here Mr. Nek Chand Saini has used the old discarded ones to create an artwork at the Rock Garden in Chandigarh.