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Scotch Whisky from Punjab, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

19th February 2013

Scotch Whisky from Punjab

I have always believed that perception is more real than reality. If I am buying Scotch whisky, I usually won't want to have questions like "Is it really Scotch?", "Do they import everything or it has Indian Whiskies in the blend as well", "What if the staff switched some of the scotch with local whisky" at the back of my head. Questions that are bound to come up when I read on the bottle that this Scotch whisky was bottled in a plant in Punjab. I mean if the whole thing is made in Scotland why do they send the barrels here to be bottles, why don't they send the bottled whisky? Is the cost advantage really big enough to allow questions like the ones I have in my mind? I think Corona does the right thing by brewing and bottling the beer in Mexico and then exporting it across the world.

Here is one question I want you to answer if you have the info. A whisky is allowed to be called 18 Years Old if one of the blend is 18 Years old and the others are younger. Similarly, are you allowed to call a Whisky "Scotch" even if you have a blend that has scotch whiskies as well as Indian whiskies? I don't want to be the idiot who pays a premium for buying Indian Whisky mixed with Scotch, I'd much rather save myself a few bucks by buying Indian Whisky labeled as India Whisky.

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