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Not bad, but not satisfying either, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2013

26th March 2013

Not bad, but not satisfying either

A normal thing expectation while taking pictures is to do better than I did last time. This is why I have worked on a few lighting solutions which include this set up and then finally I made a lightbox for myself as I mentioned in yesterday's post.

Looking at the images from the weekend's shoot, I can see that there is definitely an improvement in light control. The lightbox is diffusing light coming from all directions including the light from the top. From that point of view the shots looks better but overall they lack something I have in my other shots, maybe an element of surprise or the unpredictability. When I don't have tools to help me out, I am constantly thinking of other ways to prevent the problems caused by their absence, like the harsh glare from the lack of diffused light. I have used those limitations as the USP of my shots. If I have a lot of reflection, I have overcome that by overexposing the shot.

In a nutshell, now that I know I have overcome the challenge of light to a level where I am satisfied, I will go back to my old way. I may click some shots using the lightbox where I need it but in no way the entire shoot is going to be in a lightbox.