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Lotus Temple, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2013

18th March 2013

Lotus Temple

Lotus temple is a place of Baha'i worship in New Delhi which was completed in 1986. When you look at the temple, it will remind you of the most famous landmark of Sydney - The Opera House. When we were kids and there was no ready information check available, we believed in a lot of things which were not true. Things what other fabricated to look smarter, things that they wanted you to believe in for some other reason. The architect of Lotus Temple was also one such fact. I believed for quite a long time that Lotus Temple was built by the same person who made the Opera House, which of course, if not true.

The architect of Lotus Temple was Fariborz Sahba from Iran, while the Sydney Opera House was designed by the Dutch architect named Jørn Utzon who designed the Opera House as a competition. His design was selected and he started supervision of the project but due to his difference with the government, he left Australia before the Opera House was completed and never came back.

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