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Time spent with friends, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

2nd April 2013

Time spent with friends

As grown ups sometime we get worried about the huge chunk of time in a day the kids waste with friends. Its okay if they are plaing or doing something constructive, however the time spent sitting and chatting on a staircse or under a tree does seem like an awful waste of time. When I think of it, I am reminded of the time I spent with my friends- mostly with Anurag and Nitesh doing exactly the same thing and I realsie that the most cherished memories of our friendship are from those times only.

I'd like to quote a paragraph form an utterly enjoyable book called "We Learn Nothing" by Tim Kreider and would strongly recommend you read the book.

Drinking was, among other things, an excelent excuse to devote eight or ten consecutive hours to sitting idly around having hilarious conversations with friends, than which I'm still not convinced there is any better possible use of our time on earth. Lately, in these more temperate years, I'm reminded of Shakespeare's Henry plays after Falstaff has died: Prince Hal, having spent his twenties as a drunken fuckup, puts riotous youth and disreputable friends behind and finds a place in life for dignity, honor, and achievement-but it also feels as if everything best and happiest and most human has gone out of this world. As if great things may lie ahead, but the good times are over.