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The new pacifier, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2013

28th May 2013

The new pacifier

Call it a pacifier or call it the path of least resistance. Just like pacifiers tablets, smart phones and TVs are very effective in keeping the kids out of your hair, and just like pacifiers, these things are addictive. You switch on the cartoon channel for your kid to make him stop asking questions, later you wonder why the hell your kid won't get outside the home to play with his friends. Because knowledge of computers is such an essential skills today, you fired up the desktop for you kid and now he won't play hide and seek because they don't have the realistic guns from the computer games.

Actually I am thinking now, what computer skills are we expecting pre teens to learn - programming? Definitely not. Usage of computer is specified by the profession and that is a skills for which kids have ample time to learn when they grow up… or is the skill of surfing the net to look busy that the kids are supposed to learn?