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The fly likes the walnut, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2013

9th May 2013

The fly likes the walnut

When it gets hot, everyone wants finds cooler places to hide out during the day. The flies are no exception. Late morning there are quite a few fies sitting in our front yard as it is cooler than outside. If it was not for the fly screens, they would have invaded our living room as well. When I took this shot, most of the flies had gone away but this one remained an it just couldn't believe its luck when it saw this huge nut, and that too just to herself* - all of it.

*I don't know the gender of this fly. In Hindi a fly is generally feminine so I wrote "herself". In case you are wondering, even object in Hindi has a gender, a shirt is feminine, so is a chair, a table is masculine and so is an aeroplane.