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Are you going to mix drinks?, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2014

17th November 2014

Are you going to mix drinks?

Is it bad to mix my drinks? Of course it is bad to have a whisky if you had a couple of tequila shots before that, a vodka before that, a little wine before that, some bourbon before that, a little rum before that and a few beers before that. Because you already are pretty drunk by now, but apart from that I can't find any reason why I should be a "drink monogamous"

And drink monogamy is what it is. The typical response of a person who has seen you taking a glass of wine after having a whiskey is that he will freeze in his track and ask something like "Are you having a wine after whisky?" as if you have directly violated any of the ten commandments but the same guy will not even notice that the woman you are with is not your wife. So what do you do when you get asked such a question? Well I don't know, but a counter question "can you tell me why is it bad?" seems to work most of the time.