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Home made light box

I have posted earlier as well about my lightboxes that I use for taking pictures of reflective subjects. A bottle is difficult to shoot as it reflects the surrounding to it is important to isolate it from the surroundings and you have ensure that there is no harsh light pointed directly at the bottle either.

Here is what I use for a shoot like this

  1. A lightbox made from a carton by pasting white paper in it
  2. two table lamps with ordinary CFL lamps. For diffusing light, I have a diffuser - it is a cloth cover that I can put over the lamps.
  3. A white sheet to cover the front of the box. You need flexibility as that is where you are your camera will be.

I switch on the lights and point them away from the bottle. Then I cover the front as well and sneak my camera from under the sheet, leaving as little open area as possible. I have already made my aperture and shutter speed settings so now all I have to do is just click.

Home made light box, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2014

Here are some shots taken using this lighbox.


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