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The beer with red star, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2014

6th March 2014

The beer with red star

Who do you go and ask a question when the person most likely to know the nswer is about as clueless as you are. When I wanted to know the reason behind the red star on the bottle of Heineken, I went to the site of Heineken and all they can say is - "Buggered if I know!".

The answer to they question "Where does the Red Star on the label come from and what does it stand for?" is:

"The red star is an original icon of the brand, used since the very beginning. Its exact origins are unknown, and there are a few explanations. For instance one explanation is that it was a symbol of European brewers in the Middle Ages, who believed it to have mystical powers to protect their brew.

Another explanation is that four points of the star, accounted for the elements earth, fire, water and wind and that the fifth point is the unknown, which is an element that brewers in the Middle Ages couldn’t control. A third explanation is that the position of a star on the front door of the brewery indicated the stage of the brewing process. During the Cold War, the original design was altered to avoid association with communism (it was replaced by a white star with a red outline). After the end of the Cold War, the original full red star was restored. For us, the red star's principle association is a festive, warm and cheerful mood."