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A Dark Rose, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2015

7th May 2015

A Dark Rose

"Nothing special about it." is what we feel like when we see a greeting card or a message we get on Facebook or whatsapp using a picture and type on top of that. Really? "No big deal?". Well, about 30 years ago I recieved a New Year card from a photographer. I had a photograph and text written alongside. Ever sinc then, I wanted to use a photograph for a greeting card but the photographers I approached couldn't get it done.

And why am I talking about that now? Because this image of the rose was not as dramatic to behin with. This contrast was added on later and while doing that I couldn't stop thinking about how dramatically we can alter a picture now and how that was almost an impossible task some time ago. Check out the original image below to see the kind of difference photoshop can make.

original image without editing