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Happy New Year, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2019

9th January 2019

Happy New Year

This year has been satisfying for my creative pursuits. 2018 was very good for photography. Maybe it is wrong to say that it was good for photography because I spent seven months without a camera but after that, I did buy a camera with interchangeable lenses. It took me an extraordinarily long time to upgrade but that is a different discussion. Now I have upgraded and not just a new camera, I have some other toys to play with. I have a lensball, I have also bought an adaptor that allows me to use my father's old Olympus lenses increasing my focal range from 28MM to 800MM (a 200MM Olympus lens combined with a 2X converter and a multiplying factor of 2). My carpenter has also made me a light box which means I won't have to use cardboard boxes anymore. With all this, the only limiting factor is my will and creativity.

I have spent more time drawing as well and I have made some good portraits and I have also been working with watercolors which is a relatively newer medium for me. I have created a few caricatures that I have been posting with quotes. Actually, I have made enough for me to make a desk calendar using those caricatures.