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I want to be a doctor - An image of a toy stethoscope from a Doctor set of Manu  | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007

8th October 2007 :: “I want to be a doctor”

A few days ago manu took a broken plastic hanger and stuck both ends of it in his ears “I am a Doctor” he declared. His next visit to the doctor made him like the stethoscope even more. Since he was so interested in it, I bought him a doctor set and this is the stethoscope from it. I guess this set was targeted at girls but Manu is not old enough to refuse it for it's pink colour. He likes it and keeps performing his check on Mira and me. Why do all the kids want to be a doctor or a pilot or something like that. I have never met a kid who wants to become a graphics designer or an accountant or one of those careers that more people end up with than doctors or pilots.