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Look what I found - An image of an Old Premier Padmini, also known as Fiat, burried among rubble adn plants | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007

4th November 2007 :: Look what I found

I am wondering what a person will think 1000 years later when he finds this Fiat in the ruins of the ancient civilization that we call Mumbai. He would be thrilled with his discovery “This my friends prove that people living there were not primates but people who had very great engineering skills and they had developed a mode of transportation that is not too different than the cars we drive around today. Not only they had discover fossil fuel but have figured out how to make energy out it.” What if the things we find in the excavations of Harappa and other ancient civilizations are the same-just abandoned stuff. Stuff that was no longer useful and thus was left behind when they themselves chose to move on.