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Troubleshooting with a tester - An image of Diwali lights | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007

11th November 2007 :: Troubleshooting with a tester

Before Diwali take out the lights, check them, replace the burned out bulbs with the new ones and hang them in the balcony. This used to be the routine every Diwali. The problem with the home made lights was that they were a series of bulbs connected with a single wire and one burned out bulb means the entire things goes out. Once that happens, you take a tester and check if the current is flowing in each bulb, isolate the culprit and replace it with a new one or just get rid of it and connect the cable. This used to be a pain the ass specially when you are busy with the fireworks and one of the bulb dies and you have to fix the damn thing. Now it has become quite easy. You get these things readymade and the Chinese ones are quite cheep too and the best part is they keep working even if one of the bulbs is not working. Why didn't they think of it when I was a teenager?