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A good pair of sandals - An image of a pair of Levi's sandals | copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2007
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21st November 2007 :: A good pair of sandals

Buying a good pair of sandals is a challenge especially because of my mental block. Whenever I go to buy sandals, I see things that I don't like, some of them have soles that are too big, some have very little open space, some are not designed for feet like mine and when I do like something I see the price and the first reaction is "For this much I can get a decent pair of shoes." Finally I decided to stop thinking that way and picked up a pair some time ago. I quite like them and since they didn't come cheap, I felt the value coming out of them should be more than just wearing them so they will be featured here again too and as you can see. There is a good reason why I have not tried to hide the lable and you will find out soon.